Paid Donation Model

Paid donations supplement the existing supply of platelets

For decades, relying on donors who volunteer their time and apheresis platelets has been an effective and reliable path to helping the US meet its platelet needs.1 Secure Transfusion Services (STS) builds on this successful, US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)–compliant model2 by tapping into a younger, dedicated, twice prescreened donor base that helps us deliver pathogen-reduced platelets to institutions around the US.

What’s more, data shows that paid blood collection centers do not affect donation rates at nonprofit centers that collect from volunteer donors.3

Donors who participate in this model are:

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for eligibility

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A loyal and
repeat cohort

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Providing enhanced availability and reliability of apheresis platelets from a diverse, younger donor population.


Offering 100% pathogen-reduced inventory compliant with all US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and AABB standards


Reducing supply chain interruptions to eliminate the impact to patient care


Expanding our national footprint for fast, on-demand deliveries
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Federal mandates may constrain platelet availability even more4,9

The safety of platelet transfusions is critical, and recent US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) mandates on bacterial risk mitigation require platelet collections to undergo proactive safety protocols, such as large volume delayed sampling or pathogen reduction. Platelet volume loss due to methods such as these may further erode the platelet supply.4,9

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