Expanded Donor Pool

STS partners with diversified, reliable platelet donors

To help us meet the nation’s urgent apheresis needs—and to provide institutions with an alternate and reliable pathogen-reduced platelet supply—Secure Transfusion Services (STS) has developed methods to recruit and maintain nonparticipating blood donor populations, including millennials and Generation Z cohorts.

To ensure the consistency and quality of platelets, STS is committed to:

Maintaining a younger and sustainable donor pool.

Screening new donors twice before releasing components for transfusion in order to minimize window period risk, providing a standard in excess of regulatory requirements.

Building a community of recurring, impassioned donors who are compensated for their time

Following guidance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Adhering to AABB standards and the use of key predictors of collection efficiency

Deploying pathogen-reduction technology (PRT) to minimize the risk of bacterial and viral contamination in platelet collections

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Offering 100% pathogen-reduced inventory compliant with all US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and AABB standards


Reducing supply chain interruptions to eliminate the impact to patient care


Expanding our national footprint for fast, on-demand deliveries


Building on a successful and proven path to platelet donations
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Federal mandates may constrain platelet availability even more4,9

The safety of platelet transfusions is critical, and recent US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) mandates on bacterial risk mitigation require platelet collections to undergo proactive safety protocols, such as large volume delayed sampling or pathogen reduction. Platelet volume loss due to methods such as these may further erode the platelet supply.4,9