For Healthcare Providers

Our Customer Value Proposition

We enhance the safety and availability of apheresis platelets

We provide a 100% pathogen reduced inventory

We offer competitive pricing and service levels


Secure Transfusion Services, Inc. (STS) builds and operates commercial blood collection centers focused on supplying hospitals with hard to source transfusable components. Our goal is to improve service quality to the hospital industry, thereby improving patient outcomes. STS solves for persistent supply chain challenges by providing 100% pathogen reduced single donor apheresis platelets (PR-SDPs) at a competitive cost.

We understand that in many markets, platelet supplies are stretched thin, causing service disruptions to the supply chain. Due to complexities in collecting and storing platelets and the rapid aging of the donor base, the industry has struggled to identify a meaningful long-term solution. Recent formal FDA guidance that enhances the safety of transfused platelets results in increased costs. Finally, for the majority of the nation’s 1,855 rural hospitals, platelets are often entirely unavailable.

The STS Solution

We are committed to sustainably increasing the availability of PR-SDPs, allowing hospital institutions to come into compliance with the March 2021 deadline set by the FDA’s September 30, 2019 final guidance document.

Step 1: We follow all applicable local, state, federal, and industry rules and conditions
    • Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 21 compliance
    • Donor centers licensed and inspected per individual state requirements
    • AABB and CLIA accreditation
Step 2: Our model is attractive to younger donors, an important feature given the rapidly aging platelet donor base
    • The responsible use of compensation has a proven history of both donor and patient safety in the source plasma industry. STS follows a similar model of carefully implemented donor compensation while maintaining stringent donor and patient safety standards.  STS also maintains attractive facilities, and actively engages within the community to foster enduring, long-term relationships. We believe lasting relationships with our donors, hospital partners, and communities in which we operate are the key to improving the safety and availability of hard to source blood components. 

Age Distribution Curves for Paid and Volunteer Blood Systems

Paid Donor Model

Transfusion 2017 Vol. 57 Supplement 53 (p 110A)
PPTA Global

Volunteer Donor Model

Transfusion Volume 58, Issue S2: Abstract Presentations from the AABB

Age Distribution Curves for Paid and Volunteer Blood Systems

Paid Donor Model

Transfusion 2017 Vol. 57 Supplement 53 (p 110A)
PPTA Global

Volunteer Donor Model

Sayers, M. H. (2018). Civic disengagement and the sustainability of the blood supply. National Blood Foundation Council on Research and Development Summit. Boston, MA
Step 3:  Our donor screening process is highly selective to improve efficiencies and lower costs
    • In order to donate platelets, a donor must meet the requirements set forth by the FDA and AABB.  In addition to these standards, STS uses a proprietary algorithm to identify donors with a targeted platelet yield.  Higher platelet yields lead to better split rates enabling STS to maintain competitive pricing.
Step 4: We pathogen-reduce 100% of our platelet inventory released for transfusion
    • Pathogen reduction substantially reduces the risk of transfusion-transmitted disease and allows for a straight forward path to compliance with FDA guidance on septic transfusion reaction risk reduction. In our view, pathogen reduction provides the highest safety standard for platelet transfusions.

Future Components

Our mission, to increase the safety and availability of difficult to source blood components, will not stop with platelets. We see many opportunities to leverage the STS business model to improve the supply chain and improve patient outcomes in the following areas:

  • Antigen-specific red cells
  • Cryoprecipitate
  • Whole blood

Partnering with STS

Whether you are looking to improve your existing supply chain of PR-SDPs or are exploring options to meet the upcoming March 2021 guidelines for bacterial risk control strategies, our experienced team is ready to partner with you to strengthen your supply chain or platelets while providing industry-leading service levels. 

Contract Types

  • Primary or Secondary


  • Pathogen reduced single donor apheresis platelets
  • Plasma


  • Standing orders
  • Stat orders


  • Local cost drivers (labor, rent, etc.) can influence pricing differences across individual markets
    • Value-based pricing dependent on annual volume commitments
    • Ad hoc pricing

Contact us to learn how to partner with STS to improve your platelet supply and service quality.