For Blood Centers

The Role of STS

Secure Transfusion Services, Inc. (STS) is a niche supplier of difficult to source blood components. We believe it is critical to maintain a healthy and vibrant non-profit blood ecosystem.

STS is committed to working harmoniously with the non-profit blood industry to improve patient health outcomes and de-risk our customer supply chains.

Understanding the Problem

We recognize fundamental challenges with the platelet supply chain, including:

  • The relentless aging of the apheresis platelet donor base
  • The increasing demand for platelets due to structural-demographic change
  • The need for a rapid expansion of readily available pathogen reduced platelets

STS strives to partner with the non-profit industry to ethically and permanently solve these challenges.

How STS Can Help

STS recognizes the urgent need to educate and recruit a new generation of donors.  The system currently relies on a group of selfless, volunteer platelet donors that generously dedicate their free time to saving lives. Unfortunately, these individuals are aging and absent fundamental transformation, collections are soon likely to decline at a time of increasing platelet utilization.

Employing both a novel system of incentives and industry-leading safety standards, STS is in position to stabilize the blood collection system by:

  • Solving for the aging donor base
  • Increasing supplies in light of the long-term structural need
  • Accelerating the availability of pathogen reduced platelets

How Can a Blood Center Partner with STS?

STS seeks to partner with the industry to advance the mission of creating a safe and sustainable blood supply.

Contact us to discuss partnership opportunities with STS